Inmans'sPosted by Dwight Inman on September 16, 2019

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

Required equipment: Electric (or similar) griddle

3 oz. Freshly smoked and pulled chicken (You can substitute a freshly cooked and pulled rotisserie chicken from your local grocer)

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1 tbl. spoon Pico de Gallo (see recipe)

2 tbl. spoons or your favorite Inman's BBQ Sauce (I prefer Apple Butter or Spicy Apple Butter BBQ Sauce)

1 10" flour tortilla

  1. Heat Griddle to medium high heat (If using an electric griddle with temperature control set the temperature at 350 degrees)
  2. In a small bowl mix the shedded cheese with the pico de gallo
  3. in a separate bowl mix the pulled chicken with the BBQ sauce.
  4. Place tortilla on giddle and cover with cheese mixture.
  5. Place sauced chicken on half of tortilla.
  6. When cheese starts to melt fold the half of the tortilla with only cheese on it over the half of the half of the tortilla with cheese and sauced chicken on it to form a pocket.
  7. Cook for one to two minutes more and flip the quessadilla over.
  8. Cook for one to two minutes more. (You want the cheese to be melted throughout)
  9. Remove the quesadilla from the griddle and place on a cutting board. Cut the quesaadilla into three pie shaped pieces.
  10. Enjoy with additional Inman's BBQ Sauce for dipping.

Refrigerate any leftovers.